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Dear Ryan, Part 6

Dear Ryan,

Thank you. There aren't words to describe how much faith you restored in me. You have opened my eyes to so many things. Since I met you, I've wanted to become a better person. Hearing you give your opinion on things, seeing how deep you really are, makes me want to be like you. Since I met you, I've learned how to develop my own opinion on things, not just go with the crowd.

Your poetry is so profound, it makes me question my own beliefs. You pride yourself on your intelligence, and it doesn't matter if everyone around you has no intellectual depth, you still show you know how to construct a proper sentence. You showed me that "cool" isn't necessarily "popular." You, Ryan "The Body" Hart, you alone, can cut your long hair and come to school the next day in a Hawaiian ensemble and glasses and still everyone thinks you're cool. You're friends with everyone, and don't judge people on their appearance. Even though you yourself are a punk, you're friends with preps, you're friends with jocks, you're friends with just about everyone.

You make me feel wanted, you make me feel like I'm worth something. You tease me about being a freshman, I tease you about being a senior dating a freshman. You're my boyfriend, my role model, my best friend, my savior, my happiness, my everything. Amazing how one can have such strong feelings for someone I met only about 2 months ago. Whatever happens from here on out, when you go to North Carolina for the summer, when you leave in September to go into the army for 4 years, I don't care. I know I'll always have feelings for you. Ryan, thanks again, for giving me the realization that I can be anything I want, and the comfort of knowing no matter what stupid thing I do you'll still be there for me.

I might give this letter to you before you leave in September. Or I might never give this to you at all. Maybe I'll put it in your yearbook..who knows. All I know is you're the best thing that's ever happened to me.

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