lead_heart (lead_heart) wrote in _letterstoyou_,

to you all-

I was informed today that every other couple in my prom group will be running off post-prom to go have sex. I figured that one of the couples would do this, but not all of them.

This is unforunate because I am going with a guy who he and I had played with the idea of being a couple and then I shot that down and have been making efforts to go back to being friends (which actually seem to be working). To add an interesting twist, I might be getting back together with my former boyfriend (who doesn't go to my school) soon, and prom is still three weeks away.

What I need are suggestions for what to do post-prom that don't require many people, can be done in fancy clothes, can be interpretted as "just friends", and definately don't involve sleeping with anyone.

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