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dear lexi,

i could tell you exactly where you sat when i first layed eyes on you, and exactly where i was standing when i said id see you later. i was braging about you to my friends last night and your not even mine. i told them how we talked about art. do you know how long i have wanted to find someone that like the same exact van gogh (sp) as i do? i open my friends page just to see if youve written something when i get online. i wait in anticipation as my buddy list loads, hoping your going to be on. i wanna know everything about you. i just wanna stare into your eyes while im listening. ive been thinking about you at the most akward times. just about an hour ago, my best friend was talking to me about something in blockbuster, and i just started wondering what you were doing.i feel all creepy, and corny at the same time writing all this stuff. i dont want to scare you off. i just met you. so dont read this.


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