July 8th, 2010

TV- Spartacus- Warrior


Dear Team Idiot,

You all feel so high and mighty on that pedestal, saying how "Christian" you are, but all you are is full of hate.

Need proof? Hmm. Let's start with turning your head from a family member, in need of truth and faith and love. Instead you believe the snake in the garden, the 17 year old crime and shame. You, instead of looking into your hearts, decide to look into your jealous souls for a way to "crucify" the most innocent of people.

You lie, you cheat, you hate, and most of all, you call yourself something you aren't. What happened to honor? What happened to justice? What happened to being a TRUE Christian?

You're pathetic and useless in this world, yet you are so blessed to breath the air God has given you, even though you hardly deserve it.

I'm disgraced by you traitorous family members, that I would spit at my own blood if I had the chance. I've written you off. You are merely a broken branch on a wounded family tree. Maybe your branch will die off, but the tree will only heal itself and continue to grow stronger.

Did you ever think that maybe your hateful hearts would be the most evil? Did you ever think that your shameful actions and words would come back to bite you in the ass? DID YOU EVER THINK THAT MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, GOD KNOWS THE TRUTH, AND THAT ONE FINE DAY, YOU WILL BE JUDGED UNDER THE TRUTH?

This life is on lease my dear family members, and once our lease is up, it's time to buy our plot in heaven. Tell me, where will be your plot as you travel down this wicked road?

Best Heavenly Wishes To The Truest of Love,
My Honorable Family,