September 1st, 2009

My shiny new toy

Dear Shiny new toy ,

somehow I knew it would end up this way . You tried to chase something that didn't want to be chased ,and was already tied down . You had temper tantrums , and empty threats . Did you not know I was too smart for you , and that you would end up bad at the end . You after all are the shiny new toy , that fell into my lap for a brief period of time. You were a brief entertainment , you should have known that people get bored fast with new toys . You were pushy and demanding ,and I admit I followed your game for a brief period of time . Like you said , " I am too strong , and persistent " so am I . I got caught but I was not going down without a fight , I am not that girl. You were never going to be good for me , it would have not worked you have issues and I would always be in the dark . So I am keeping my current life with my current old toy . I know I am not the one broken hearted , but I hate to say this because of your drama you caused me . So my shiny new toy it is time to put you on the shelf.