July 28th, 2009

(no subject)

Dear... friend?


I don't even know where to begin with you. I don't know how it even became this way especially since we were good friends but I guess I didn't see then that we are just two completely different people. But this past year has been different. I've seen you change drastically, and because of that, I've been distancing myself from you. Maybe you've been this person all along, and I just refused to see it. But I've now become that person on the outside looking in, and I don't think I like who you are anymore.


It annoys the shit out of me that you come onto facebook and brag about everything. I know most people don't give a shit about what you have to say, as they are probably as sick of you as I am. Some of the selfish decisions you make for yourself just make me lose respect for you at every turn.


I know everyone has been hit hard with this depression, and I'm really sorry you ended up getting laid off. But despite what's happened, I must say I'm rather disappointed with the choices you've been making, especially since you're a single mom with two young girls. You've SUED our wonderful employers who have taken care of you every step of the way, for something you thought you were entitled to, but really weren't. You burned your bridge and guaranteed rehire for a few extra measly bucks and a generous severance, yet you still wonder why you're not welcome back and everyone treats you differently.


Instead of looking for a job your first couple of weeks off, you made every effort to screw your previous employers, had unnecessary "cosmetic" surgery, and spent money left and right. You went on a lavish vacation for a week, leaving your children behind, and that just sickens me. When I came home and saw you at our friend's wedding, you told me that you were living on unemployment, welfare, the severance and bonus, and child support from both baby daddies. Yet you also had the nerve to tell me, "I know this sounds bad, but I really don't want to go back to work right now." In addition, you continue to spend your money on new iphones and other "toys", endless mini-vacation trips with your friends, chasing rock groups all over the country. The only thing I can actually applaud is the couple of trips you took to Disneyland with your kids in tow. Did you feel guilty that you've been spending money on yourself and not them?


Sometimes I just wish I can give some inside tip of the ways you've been cheating the system. You're taking away money from those who need it more than you, and the rest of the people who are working are the ones paying for your "lifestyle." I am sure that the ones who end up paying for that "lifestyle" could use that money for their own families. But that's beside the point.


So please...please stop bragging about the things you just got and the things you're doing. A lot of us who are busting our asses, trying to keep our jobs or obtain one don't need this shit rubbed in our faces. The more I see, the more I really don't like you.


Just grow up and take responsibility. Since you're old enough to lie about your age, you're old enough to suck it up and be an adult and mother to your children.


I guess that is all...