June 8th, 2009

wicked me

(no subject)

Dear Auston,
My friend went up to you to tell you I thought you were hot. You came to our table on your own. You came and smoked with me. Danced with me. Kissed me. I actually gave you my number which I very deeply regret. You actually called me. You called me to drive all the way to my town and hang out with me. You were sweet and you were kind. You said sweet things. You touched me gently. Held my hand. Of course we had sex and you stayed the whole night. If you had left and not called me, just said hey to me at the club and went about your business I would have been just fine. Instead later that same day you text me and tell me you're still in love with your ex. Asshole. Then I read your blog later and you write that some girl was dancing on you at the club and you pushed her off and you're fiancé was all pissed off. The one you told me was your ex? Liar! You are a huge fucking douche and completely lame. You should have just let it the fuck go. I wasn't expecting any thing from you anyway but this is just bullshit. And the sad part I didn't even see it coming at all and now I'm the one who is hurt.
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