April 1st, 2009

(no subject)

my funny valentine,
i don't need a super relationshippy thing.
i don't need to hang out with you every second of every day.
i like how things are now between us.  everything is right.
i don't mind doing the casual dating thing.
i don't mind you being busy.
as long as i know how you feel about me.
and i'm pretty sure i do.

i'm sure you meant what you said when you said it, but now that it's today and you're in a more rational state of mind, you're rethinking.
and i know you're going to rethink and rethink until the next time we talk.
try not to.
what we have is awesome.  i love hanging out with you and talking to you.
and oooohhhh lord do i love fucking you all night long.
do you really want to be with me?  i hope that's something you meant.
we can be together without being so "in a relationship."
i think the word "relationship" is scary to us....it has so many connotations.
it's the inseparableness...the loss of identity...the loss of autonomy.
i know that rules scare you.

my funny valentine, we don't have to be like everyone else.  we can make our own rules, or have none at all.
i just like you too much to let this go.
and i feel like you feel the same way.
i hope you do.