March 27th, 2009

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you! you people on my flist! KNOCK IT OFF!

i'm tired of you people updating every single day posting about how you restyled your hair, bought a new gadget, and especially the posts with endless pics of you in your new socks, new t-shirts, bras, jeans, hatandglovesandscarf... I DON'T CARE! NO ONE DOES!

and you! the person who updates every day about how much you hate your dad... if it bothers you that much, LEAVE! you have a job, you have several thousand dollars in the back. he doesn't abuse you. if you're really that unhappy, get out. but of course that would mean the stream of sympathy from your friends would trickle to and end and your dad would quit buying you TVs and computers and iphones and ipods and other gadgets that you don't need. get out or shut up.