March 4th, 2009


dear me,

what in the fuck were you thinking? taking bars and then pouncing on your ex, telling her you love her? now you've got thirteen people on you at anygiven moment ready to kick your ass, and you can even REMEMBER!
you REALLY did it this time.
you fell right into her trap when she told you she overdosed, you knew she was trying to pull you in and you fucking took the bait anyway.

you are so much smarter than this, stop doing fucking drugs and stop trying to be captain save-a-hoe.


p.s. go to fucking class.

Your so ignorant,

You are obviously the most un cultured person i know. you sit there and says it ok to say offensive shit and your so completely wrong that i dont know what to say. You say that you would argue and dont agree with some of the things that i do bcause obviously you come from a broken amily that doesn tknwo anything a bout sticking together. i cant even look at you you selfish maniac bitch!! seriously go kill yourself and get the fuck out because you sound retarded.