February 2nd, 2009

to the holder of my heart

My dearest ,
I f I can still call you that , I feel that I am no longer yours. I don't think that I can see you the same anymore , that spark that feeling I once had is gone. Can you tell me why? Yes, at one point you were the holder of my heart , my happy thought my life. Now, you are just a faint memory I see you everyday and every night and there is nothing in our apartment just a void and I hear echos but its not us talking , just the tv. There is no conversion , no dates , passion out the window. It's been officially five months and its been the most painful that I could think of .. I want my life back I want my youth . You have become the worst version of yourself , you're miserable , lonely , and horrible you broken my heart a million times that I have become this empty person. I am not sure if I will ever fall in love , I am not sure what I want to do with us. I can't be like this , I have nothing else to give , nothing because you have taken it all . Thank you for that .I have realized that I'm just second place for you , work is first . Good bye have a pleasant time with yourself you selfish asshole.

-- me--
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