October 14th, 2008

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dear ex-love-of-my-life,
her screams are getting louder, more ear shattering, harder to ignore... I'm referring to my miserable tortured self, the one that forever fiends for your attention. I'm referring to the half of me that I locked away, put in one of the holding cells in the back of my emotion. I hoped that eventually she'd give up, accept her solitary confinement and realize she'd never get what she wanted, but obviously I was wrong. her spirit is unbreakable, and every day, without fail, she gets to me. her moaning and writhing pain are too impossible to ignore; they hurt me in the pit of my stomach, a twisting burning sinking sensation that I can't shake. my more sane and logical self attempts to soothe her, but to no avail. I've come to a dead end, if I can no longer ignore her, what can I do? her desires are in vain, she'll never get what she longs for, you've bade that apparent... so being this is just as much your fault as mine, I'm asking for your help. what should I do with her? she is so persistent, she'll never stop crying out, haunting my dreams, my every thought. I will never be at peace.
patiently awaiting your reply,
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