August 11th, 2008



I hate you for spending 5 days with me  and then deciding again, it was too much. 
Smiling at my four year old sister. 
God you make me sick.
 You got what you wanted then left. Not again.


bit immature for your age?

dear prick,
please tell me the reason why you have the need to call up on my phone and speak shit.
because if that was a prank call, my cousin could do better. and he's 4.
seriously. i'm over you. and i have been for the last 6 months.
and you know what? after you left me - FYI I got told by Ryan in my art class that apprently we broke up..
oh wait. hang on,i forget that you might wanna say this to ME first before you start talking out of your ass.
but no. I hear it from some kid that smokes weed like the rest of you twats.
okay, so what i don't understand is that, you broke up with me, right?
and now it's 7 months later and i get a text from this "Rob" kid saying i'm looking for a fuck buddy...
anything to do with you? because he oh so happens to be your mate.
and he happen to tell me your giving my number out.


god, aren't you a bit old for this? you're 18 years old.
how sad can your life get to call your ex and be this immature?
but, so.. how did you know i was looking for a fuck buddy?
because i really don't remember even thinking about that, let alone tell someone i was interested in one.
and if i was? i sure as hell wouldn't consider any of your mates.
you ride push bikes for gods sake.
get a car?
cus seeing all of your mates plus you makes me laugh.
really. it can't stop laughing.

get a life, or better yet, stay the hell away from mine.

hope you one day find a cure for being such an ugly son of a bitch.
until then.
go fuck yourself

- ox