August 2nd, 2008

(no subject)

 dear you,
i dont think you understand how much you honestly mean to me.
you are the only friend that i am completely honest with,i tell you everything.
you dumped me and i still wanted to be your friend because you mean that much to me.
and now almost a week later i havent heard a single thing from you.
whenever i bring up the fact that you dont care you ask me how i could say something like that but there is no effort on your end.
one day you wil see that you had me and that i loved you for everything you were and everything you werent.
you know that if you asked me to i would do anything but that doesnt mean anything to you.
you are so wrapped up in your own shit that you can even see i havent barely talked to anyone and that my social anxiety has gotten worse
and its all your fault you ass!
its all your fault that i dont smile anymore or why i constantly leave my cellphone on because i hope you will call.
you are not a good friend and i dont know why i even need you so much.

you are the worse thing that has ever happened to me and i want to forget you. you not talking to me to me for nearly a week is probably the best thing that you've ever done,cause one day soon you will just be a memory.

i dont need you anymore.