July 11th, 2008


(no subject)

i told you today that in two weeks i'm deciding whether you deserve to have my walls torn down or built back up. two weeks means that we will have been doing this inbetween no title bull shit for five months. Do you realize that. If the walls go back up it means its going to be that much harder to adjust to the school year. I've been torn over this decision for so long i have to set a deadline for myself at least. If the walls go back up it means no sex, no kissing you, no coming over to cuddle. it means forming a friendship without the intimate physical stuff. A friendship that we've never had because it all started off as physicial dating relationship. If the walls are torn down it means risking getting hurt but expecting more from you. walls being torn down also means that in part it has to be your choice. You mentioned how much i had changed the other day and how you haven't really changed. this is one thing you'll have to compromise on. I expect an invitation to hang out and not the assumption that I know to come over. it's not really that hard to figure out.