May 24th, 2008

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Dear You.
It only took 2yrs but finally you're all mine. And it somehow feels a bit of an anti climax. Maybe I liked the drama of it all? Maybe I just dont believe that this is it. Maybe things are actually working out the way I want and I dont know how to react to that? I dont know, but just bare with me please? I do really love you to pieces. You are my best friend and sometimes I dont know how to act because its a weird cross over from best friend to girlfriend? Ha weird havent called myself your girlfriend yet. Strange!! I hope this works. I really do. And sorry for not understanding why yer so upset over the whole broken guitar. I still dont get it to be honest. But I know that yer devistated and me trying to make jokes and whatnot really doesnt help it eh? It'll work out fine deary. Could do with seeing you tonight. But I suppose male bonding time and all that rubbish has to be done. I fully expect some drunken call about 4am with a rant of some sort. Big hugs mister man.