December 21st, 2007

(no subject)

Dear N

I truly envy how you are able to pick up what is left and move on
...yet still hang on to our friendship and see everything as "friends."
How are you able to do that?
What's your secret?
Tell me so i can forget you and move on with my life
Not a day that pass that I do not think of u
I want to be strong again
I want you to be the one trying to talk to me
i dont want to be that sick psycho ex
I hate who I am when Im talking to you
How do i learn to get go?
it's been three damn years
When will i be ready?
I pray for strength everyday to let you go
To be strong and determined
I dont want to fall apart and be weak
...yet you'll always have a spot in my heart no matter what....
i hate myself for this.