December 15th, 2007

(no subject)

Dear You,
Has anyone ever told you that you have no people skills? or that making fun of people you don't know well can be cruel and humiliating? 8 short months I have known you, and more than once you have sent me home in tears. Everyone makes excuses for you, in the real world you would be fired. 25 years and you still yell at people even if it's you who told them the wrong thing. You still ask if people are idiots, you still drive people bonkers. No one talks to you, and they ask if the nazi is home when they come to see you. Shame on people for allowing you to be that way, but shame on you for doing it! There are many people who survive without you telling them what to do, would we not know?
I hope you get that job. the one you say you kinda want but don't need. I dont think your a bad person, but I refuse to let you have any more power over me.
I send you back to the darkness from whence you came!