December 12th, 2007

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Dear family,

ARG wtf is going on with all of you?

How are we supposed to enjoy Christmas? I'm trying to make this a great one and I'm scared no one will help.

And you know what? In two and a half years not one of you has asked me about this thing. Not one of you ever asked if I stopped or what. You probably don't believe it's a real addiction. But mum should know. She should have said something. Did you all just forget about it, like it was just a childish phase or something?

I just want us all to try this year.

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To my mum, bestfriend and doctor,

Why can't you see me falling apart?
I tell you I'm depressed, I'm clearly depressed. I runaway crying and breakdown behind closed doors because I've seen you look at me like I make no sense and it hurts more then crying alone in my room.
Why don't you take me seriously?
I need help.
I'm only happy when I'm high and thanks to all of you I can't be that much anymore.
Please listen to me like I'm a person and not just a fuck up.
Please help me. Please. Please.