November 14th, 2007

(no subject)

Dear aunt

Go and fuck yourself royally.
How dare you sit and make my mum feel like shite because you sit up on you high horse.
And yes, your dog is fucking dying get over it.
And when my dad said you should put it down how can you turn around and say 'when your kids are sick why dont you just put them down.
How can you say that about your only niece and nephew?
You are a fucking cow.
Dont come to this thing tomorrow, noone wants you there, the fact that noone bought you a ticket should have been a huge enough clue, but you just went ahead and called up and booked one for yourself.
When your old and alone and have nothing else to live for dont dare call me or my brother. 
Im not telling him what you said because itll ruin his day tomorrow.
ARgh swear to fuck I wish you would just bugger off out of everyone life.
You dont like me because I stood upto you once and noone else did, I dont care. Never liked you.

If I happen to get sick dont worry ill just drop dead.
Apparently you would just compare me to a dying dog thats cruel to be kept alive.

ps. Do I really give a flying fuck Ive been written out your will? Erm no.