November 5th, 2007

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dear you,
i'm sorry about that postsecret i wrote. i was drunk and i was being retarded. you know i get way too emotional when i drink, i shouldn't even do it anymore, i don't know why i bother. it just makes me feel like everyone hates me and no one wants to be around me. idk why but it's just what it does to me. i love you so much though, and i know you care about me way more than i realize. &you show it way more than you probably realize. i know you'd do anything for me and i could never ask for anyone better in my life. you're everything to me, without you i'd never be the same. i wish i could talk to you right now and tell you this, because i seriously don't even remember writing that. i'm an idiot. i love you. you're my best friend.<3