October 30th, 2007

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Dear Mister Man.
You just make me smile, Its daft and stupid but you do. 
I liked the wee talk we had, we both know where we stand and its good.
No more whats happening and being weird its all out in the air n its fab.
Was a bit fun last night/today and I can still smell you.
Its nice.
See ye at the weekend love.

Dear You.
You were meant to be my best friend. We used to be like sisters. We done everything together and talked all the time.
Now I cant stand you. Seriously im so much better without you in my life. You used to make me feel like shit because nothing in my life could compare to yours. Your boyfriends were better, your hair and clothes and friends and everything had to be better. Even your shitty dramas had to be a little more ridiculous then everyone else.
And I seen on Saturday that you mean nothing to me and im better without you dragging me down.
Life has been better since I let go of the shitty folk in my life and its refreshing.

I know I have every right to hate you... So why dont I??

The second time wasnt really your choice was it? You only did it because someone told you it would be a good idea. Then you told people that was the only reason you did it, and made me out to be a laughing stock. I know you told people because it came back to me by there mouth. They didnt like what you did! It wasnt a great thing to do because you cant mess around with love, my feelings were brought to the ground and you stamped on them over and over. You should of never done it again if you knew you would kill me like that. When you asked me out I thought that was the most special day of my life! And I can't let you let me down again. And if you ever said you miss me then don't say you never lied. I never trusted you, but now i would place my whole fucking life in your hands. I can't shake this little feeling I'll never get anything right.

I just dont get you... at all!

You still hold my hand, and you kiss me like you always did. those special loving kisses. The only thing thats different is the Title of Girlfriend/Boyfriend... Just let me know whats going on because Im so lost and I dont think I can take it anymore. You know I still love you, and would easly jump if you asked me to. So its not fair to play games if thats what your doing.

If not...
Then I hope something happens soon, because i cant wait anymore. I want to be with you. Isnt that lame, you dumped me twice and I still want you. I hate this, so so so much!
But Its a weird kinnda Love feeling
And I cant help but feel I only want you back because I want to hurt you like you hurt me... God knows you deserve it.

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