September 27th, 2007

(no subject)

Dear You.
Last night was fun. Its the way I want us to be like now. Dont go in a huff when things dont go your way again cos I'll bitch slap you like a mental kangaroo. 
Was fun both of us all dressed up for work, was like being all grown up and everything.
I miss that Rob, even tho you went in a big sulk you still were like the old boy I knew.
Hope yer coming back again cos the one you were was shit n annoying. Missed you.
Still need to meet this flatmate tho.


Dear JOB.
I thought you would be quite shite, I wasnt going in looking forward to it but to be honest its quite fun.
Okay its only been 2 days but its gone really fast and even tho im so tired its worth it.
Just let me stay doing what im doing cos its easy and not a lot of responsibilty so I cant mess up things. And if you could move a wee bit closer too that would be ace cos the hour n a half to get home is a pain in the arse.