September 24th, 2007

TV- Spartacus- Warrior


Dear Life,

My best friend has done a 180º since she joined her sorority, the other is all the way in 'bama, and now my other best friend is back at college in SB.
My friend who I looked up to like a sister, behind my back dated a guy she KNEW I liked and she KNEW that is was wrong of her. I can't get past it.
AND NOW! NOW! My other great friend left, on a whim, to go to Utah to spend the next year finishing school.

I'm all alone in such a big city. I've no allies. No friends. It's just me.
I'm now putting all my energy into something stupid a lame: graphics and my LJ comm. Not necess. lame or stupid, but I've began to create an AU instead of a RL. I can't find anyone or anything that can certainly change the course of my life. I've tried to, but it seems to always lead to shit.

to see my now AU: xtina_challenge and fridayglamour.
Now that's as RL as it gets.