September 4th, 2007

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Dear one of my oldest bestest friends.

Missus, I gotta say firstly that I totally adore you and wouldnt grudge you any kinda of happiness, you know that.
But you are seriously driving me insane talking about your new boyfriend.
Its he did this and he did that and he has this and his friends and his cars that. And the like constant calls and txts is a bit annoying when we havent seen each other in a while and were catching up and watching a film.
I LOVE that you have someone because I couldnt think of anyone that deserves to be as happy as you are, even though you were my single friend that I could hang out with to escape the couples that seem to somehow have emerged from everywhere.
But please tone it down.
We made a deal, when were with someone we wont ignore each other for them and we wont sit and talk about them constantly. And youre becoming the friends that we get pissed off at and I REALLY dont want to do that cos I never ever get angry with you, but tonight I got sorted pissed off.
And it kinda annoyed me that you asked about someone in my life and then got pissed off when I told you that I had hung out with him. Yes he fucked me around and I did with him too but we still can talk and hang out like nothings happened and its our thing. I dont expect you to understand or approve but its the way it is and it probably always will be tbh so dont ask about him if you just want to give me a lecture about how bad it is beacuse I know it all already.
Saying all this, I still hope that you and the mister man are quite happy and everything goes well. Just give me the juicy details and leave the 10 000 thousand facts about his every little thing to a minimum.

Love you lots and sorry if this sounds like im being a total bitch of a cow. Im just in a cunt of a mood and it wound me up