August 17th, 2007


It doesn't even matter.



I don't know why I stick around.

Broken promises...


It's ridiculous. I don't know if I trust you at all. I know that's not healthy.

I keep getting these ideas that you're dating or at least having sex with two or three other girls. That you'd toss me aside at the drop of a hat. I hate that expression - where did it come from? Anyway...I know it sounds bitchy, but wow do you have to prove yourself.
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I want you, no I need you, to know that I didn't message you to apologize. I messaged you to tell you that I still love you. You never let me finish. I know that I made a mistake, and now I realize that there isn't anything to go back to, but I still love you. More than you know.

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it's that knack for telling awful lies. why am I always right?

to you:
you don't deserve a dear, and you certainly don't deserve anything
you're lucky to even be mentioned because I hate thinking about you
however you are beginning to piss me off further, so you should know this
you aren't going to win, and I bet I know what you're doing to everyone around you
-filling their minds with lies, making yourself look innocent
you are the typical go ahead, influence everyone to hate me
Im already alone.. so your persistence is useless, you can do no more to me
yes I lied to you, but honestly I only lied in the end, and that was because I wanted to finally know the truth

another thing I wonder..before you knew that I heard the truth
did you twist the story to see if I would choose you over him
I know the saying goes you're supposed to pick friends over guys
but in this case it was wrong, very wrong
cause I bet asking anyone..if you found out your "best friend" was lying to you for over a year, only talked to you when it was convenient, tries taking your bf, tries making you look bad to them, spills every secret you had ever told in confidence, and even says they have apparently wanted a more "progressed" relationship with you on top of that..WHILE still having at least 4 or 5 other guys talking to them at once..
yeah alright..who chooses that "friend" over their boyfriend

others had told me what they thought of you, but I didn't want to believe it
because who wants to believe.. that whom they thought to be their best friend.. is lying to them everyday?
it was always about yourself from the very beginning wasn't it?

you said I was your best friend
and that you call someone that because you like the person they truly are
well it's not just about who they are as a person
it's how they treat you
and I'm through being treated like this

go ahead and give me the finger in your myspace picture
because everyone can see how ugly your hands are now =)
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