July 18th, 2007

FOTC - Shakers!

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Dear Bobbie,

Come back.
"Note to self: I miss you terribly,
this is what we call a tragedy,
come back to me,
come back to me,
to me"

I'm not really the same with out you.

Your best friend.

Dear mom,

I can't believe you!
Stop smoking pot.
You can't be my role model if you do stupid shit like that.
I mean come on! You're my mother. I'm not yours.

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Dear Friends.
You sit and slag my other friends off because they took pills. That was okay, it pissed me off cause you dont know them but I didnt say a thing because they were idiots for taking them.
So why is it okay for you two to take acid? I just dont get that one. And no you werent funny. 
You told me that you would meet me, then 30mins later ye turn up. I was by myself, it was 3am. I woulda stayed with the boys but I thought you were 2mins away like ye said.
Oh and you owe me money for the taxi you left me to pay for.

Dear my two lovely boys.
You are the best. Seriously. Last night was funny as hell. Even though we didnt get in the gig it was amazing night. 
Fulla great banter and drunken madness. Break dancing and push ups on cars. 
Sorry for being upset. Things just got to me a little. But yo looked after me and that makes me like you both more.
Love you two more than ye know.

Dear you.
Haha you got jealous and worked up and annoyed. Not nice is it dear. 
Starting to miss you tho. Dont know why I txt you last night, I wanted to talk to someone else and you were the automatic reaction to it. 
Lets just stay in on friday and talk again. Its fun and we get things sorted out. I like it when we get on.