July 12th, 2007

FOTC - Shakers!

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Dear You,

I've been thinking about you a lot lately.
I wonder where you are.
What you're doing.
How you're doing.
Are you happy? I hope you are.
Keep in touch.
It won't be awakward because I'm over it.
I really am.

Yours truly,
summer model

(no subject)

dear you.
do i even know you anymore. i wish you could understand. i feel like crap most of the time. and sometimes i don't want to deal with you anymore. youve turned into someone i don't even want to associate with. but i keep telling myself otherwise. i say. you'll change. you won't do this again. and you try to convince me too. but its like neither of us cares at all anymore. is this my problem. my head hurts all the time and my heart is aching. will we work this out. sometimes i really do wonder. how could you be so stupid. you don't care about me. you never did. the words escape your mouth. and i know i am nothing more. i never ever mattered. i hope for something new. and i guess your just a security blanket now. because i truly don't know you. or want to somtimes. im leaving for a month. and you havent said youll miss me. you haven't said a word. not. one. word. i wish you actually cared.
giving up hope.
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