July 1st, 2007

(no subject)

Dear You.
Haha cheers for that on friday night. Why did you say you missed me btw?
I thought you wanted to move on too, you have/had a girlfriend which is another mess.
Is it because things with her really didnt work out that you miss me?
Im not gonna just come running back to you, you completely broke my heart its not that easy.
The reason I went back to yours was to talk and that was all. Dont be getting the wrong idea.
I love the look your dad gave me in the morning, not awkward at all.
I cant believe this is happening all over again. I was moving on and everything and now you start with all this again.
Argh I cant be bothered with his.

Me xx

Dear wee brother.
If it turns out that the worst is the worst then we will cope with it.
But you need to tell mum and get things sorted.
Dont leave this too long because it could be dangerous. one little test and thats it decided.
Youve got til tomorrow and if you dont talk to her then I will. Im not gonna lose you because your embarrassed.
Yer big scared sister.

Dear 'friends'
Cheers for leaving me in town alone on friday at 3am with no way to get home. I get that you were mad at me but that really was no excuse. If rob wasnt there I woulda had to walk home, which you know in this city is stupidily dangerous. But hey, as long as ye can stay mad at me and feel no guilt at all thats all that really matters eh?