June 14th, 2007

(no subject)

Dear stupid ex.
I dont care if you miss me and want to see me. I know your only doing it so if I do meet up with you, you can flaunt her in my face or talk and talk about her. I dont like your attempts to make me jealous. You want to be friends and thats okay. Im over you and really havent given you a second thought recently. I could be your mate no problems, I just dont wanna hear about your new sex life. Its kinda pathetic love. 

Dear matey.
Please learn from my mistake. Dont get back with him. He cheated on you, told you he doesnt love you and broke up with you god knows how many times. PLEASE dont do this. He will break your heart. He went out n slept with some random girl like the night after you broke up then told you about it. Hes hurting you again and I cant watch this.

Dear the boy.
Best friends turning into something more. Dont know if this is a good idea. Were already acting different to each other and I hate the thought that I could be losing you. We just need to hang out together and things will be okay again. I miss you lots and I want us to be okay. =)