June 12th, 2007

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Just when I think I couldn't possibly hate you anymore than I already do... you make it possible.

Who the hell do you think you are telling Jay that I'm crazy?? Who do you think you are saying ANYTHING to him? Are you jealous or just an asshole? Maybe a combination of both...

First of all, if you're jealous you might want to get your facts straight cause if you knew what was going on then you'd have no reason to be jealous. I hardly ever even talk to Jay, so there's no reason for you to try and ward him off from me... or "warn" him about me.

Two, if you're apparently "done" with me and not speaking to me anymore then why the hell are you still talking about me? I'm none of your business... what I do, who I talk to or hang out with are none of your business and it is not your place to go up to someone I'm friends with and tell him dumb things like that I'm crazy in an attempt to "warn" them about me.

Seriously... are you the only one allowed to be happy in this breakup? Is this how it's going to be?? You get to have your girlfriend and any guy that I'm friends w/ or possibly dating is going to get scared off by you so that I get to stay lonely and miserable?? Think again... no one's that stupid that they're going to listen to you. Asshole...

Although, I have to think that maybe you're not as oh so happy as you keep saying you are because if you were then you wouldn't feel the need to go talk shit about me or try and keep someone from hanging out with me. If you were as content with your girlfriend and your life as you claim then you wouldn't give a second thought to what I'm doing in my life or who I'm friends with. And knowing that you aren't as happy as you say... makes me very happy. So, I have to at least say thank you for that. Thank you for showing me that your happiness is fake... at least some of it anyway.


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dear you,
i'm really fucking pissed that you looked through my stuff today. i'm fucking 16 years old and i think i deserve a little privacy. you shouldn't have said anything about it to me.