June 8th, 2007

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Dear Hohead:

I don't really know you all that well, and quite frankly: I DON'T WANT TO. You come off as a stupid, self-centered bitchy-drama-queeny scenester skank who is used to getting everything she wants, and throws temper tantrums whenever she doesn't. And people tell me you are. You just act like the world revolves around you. You always have so be the center of everyone's attention, and then act like a little bitch to people who don't shower you with the love you think you deserve. You're ungrateful for all your advantages, instead wasting your teen years getting wasted, smoking because you think it makes you angsty and mature, and jumping between boyfriends. You're forever bitching and moaning your parents, who from the looks of it just want you to be happy.

You're just a stupid, self-centered, wasteful, petulant child and I have the sneaking suspicion that people like the one you'll grow up to be are the reason that the world wants to blow our country up.


Please grow up,
-The friend who secretly despises you.

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Dear self,

You STILL haven't learned to keep your big stupid ugly mouth shut.

How can you POSSIBLY be that stupid? Seriously?

I can't keep on hating you. I want to get past this.

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