May 14th, 2007


She falls in love with the sound of ships sinking...

Merchant -

You're beautiful. I've never seen anyone so handsome.

You're sexy. I wish I could have seen that video before your computer died...I'd have done the same thing as you. I love watching you drive your flesh into me...but that's for another letter.

You have a fabulous smile. I like to pretend that it's just for me sometimes.

You aren't just a pretty face to me, though. (Or body or penis you cynical jerk XD)

I could make quite a long list of all the reasons I like you. In fact, I think I will. And actually give it to you. Maybe.

I guess what I really want to say is...

PLEASE PICK ME. I adore you. You're my best friend. I want everyone to know...that you're mine. Even though you're not yet.
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What do you want from me?
Why couldn't we have this dance a few months ago? It would have been so much easier.
I hate to hurt people. It'll be easier to just say no to you. But...I kinda want to. my heart do I know it just won't work?

I'm afraid.

And you, quit being so perfect. It makes me feel so ............I can't even think of the word. You are just so much better than me in everyway. What can you possibly see in me?