March 31st, 2007

(no subject)

Dear you.
I swear to god you do my head in sometimes. Dont get my wrong I would die for you, you mean pretty much everything to me, but you can be a right arse sometimes. I tried to talk to you tonight and you were quite so I leave you alone and you just ignore me.

Some pervie guy kept starring at me, like obsessively and he was creeping me out and you dont do anything.
Thought youd be there no matter what eh? 

Then you fuck off to some party. Whats the matter with you this week, I swear to god im gonna snap and batter you mister. I know i know I called the house late and drunk blah blah blah but i said sorry.

All I wanted tonight was a nice wee kiss n cuddle with the boy im mad about but that was too much for you. If you dont come over tomorrow were having a big fall out matey. Nipple crunching will be involved. Yer warned.

Dear stupid immature little arses.
Get over it. Its me and him. Were not perfect but stop being dicks to me. I get that you both like him, but dont growl at me all night, bump into me n my friends and talk about me when I walk past. Im sorry that you talk on the mighty myspace all the time and he gives you attention then ignores you because it winds me up when were out but get over it. Ive never said a bad word about you. Infact blondie I complimented you several times so you can bugger off. As for you random brunette. Bolt. Yes you went on 1 whole date when we broke up. Whooopee dooooo. We go on dates all the time, and call and txt and kisss n cuddle n everything else you want from him. Difference is I get it and you dont and your not even a second thought to him.  
As much as what we have is flawed I love him and he loves me and weve been through a shit load together the past couple of years and im not gonna let 2 idiots ruin this. So dont call me the ih so mean names you think are smart when Im walking past you. Dont growl at me when were together and get over it. Dancing like a slut makes you look like an idiot. It does nothing for anyone except creepy buggers.