March 25th, 2007

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Dear Ana,

Wow, you suck really bad.
I can't even put it into words what a worthless waste of time you are.
I don't even know why I started hanging out with you. No, wait! You just glued yourself to my group of friends because we had one class with each other.

I hope that you don't think you won.

Even when we were laughing and joking with each other, I let on that I thought you were cool.
You tell everyone you're everything your not. How low can you get? You brag way too much and that's one of the reasons why I stopped talking to you. About nothing too! You told me that you'd change for the better, and not just stay the same. You never changed at all. You're the worst fucking liar ever.

You have all these past stories that you used to tell me over and over again. Like you need those stories to actually get on with life.
You're a terrible bore.
I can see though your lies.
That's probably one of the reasons you didn't like me either.
I can tell. It's not that hard.

I'm so glad we're not friends anymore because all you did was mooch off of me.
Our friendship was over that one day when I denied you making eggs. My eggs.
You can't mooch off someone whose poorer than you.
What kind of shit was that?

You hate silence. It's makes you uncomfortable. You talk way too much about nothing. You judge everyone that walks past you.
You decided that when Kristin stopped talking to you that you'd snub her when ever you saw her.
How immature is that?

It's time to grow up now.
This is high school.

Well, fuck you.
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dear you,
i love you and i'm sorry for getting mad today. you mean everything to me. you're a really great girlfriend, like, really amazing and i wish you could realize that. i had the best weekend sleeping over twice in a row. i love sleeping next to you, it makes me happier than anything else. i love you so much. you make me really happy, and i got the best feeling when you told me you were in love with me. that entry really made me feel like you weren't and i didn't know how to feel about that. but i'm glad you are, because i'm completely in love with you. you're my world.<3

dear you,
you're so cutee, i love you. i want you to go out with him and go on double dates with us.