March 12th, 2007

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Dear you,
I want you here with me, I want your hugs and kisses.
I want to smell your smell and look into your eyes.
I want to tell you that I still love you and that I miss you constantly.
I want to see you smile and be the one thats put it on your face.
I want to hear you say you love me again.
I want it to just be us because it was the best thing that happened to me.
I want you to come over tomorrow but I know the gigs too important so I wont even ask.
I loved that you got jealous and that you walked in the rain alone to come and get me.
I loved that we sat up just holding hands and talking nonsense to the wee small hours last night.
I love that no matter what weve been through were still in each others lives.

I just wish you were here so I could tell you this to your face.


Edit: You came over, said you loved me, hugged me in my sleep and said you would only want to marry me. I know you probably didnt mean it but it made me have the biggest butterflies in my tummy.

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dear you,
you're so annoying. she's the glue that holds us together. if it wasn't for her, i would've stopped talking to you a long time ago. i guess it's better. i'm really a bitch.

dear you,
you're amazing. i'm really excited for friday and i really want this sleepover, that way, you can get your reward for being the most amazing girlfriend on earth. =)

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dear you,
i'm scared you really did have the best time of your life with her.. did you?

i guess this is why i stopped reading her comments. don't be mad at me for asking that.. you said it and you already know how that whole situation makes me feel. besides.. you don't have to read this if you don't like what i write. they're my thoughts.. i'm allowed to have them. i just wanna know if you were just saying that, or if you really don't have that great of a time when you're with me. don't say anything if you're gonna get annoyed or if it's gonna start a fight. all i want is a yes or no.. nothing else. i want the truth and i won't say anything more. i'm sorry.

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Dear you,

I just wish I could reach out and kiss you.
I want to so badly.
Whenever we're together, I get this feeling.
It's like there's something inside of me struggling to get out.
My heart races, I get dizzy.
I just wish I could set it free.
I wish I could just reach out and kiss you.

Much love