March 3rd, 2007

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Dear P,
Last night you were a complete idiot. Why the fuck do you need to copy Tom, do you really think you're the shit because you took some pills.
Mate its not funny or cool or whatever you were going for. 
We were standing and you couldne stop chewing yer jaw, you are infact an absolute tit.
And if your gonna start being Toms little lap dog I want nothing to do with you.
You were acting like a 2yr old and I cant be bothered babysittin you, grow up your 18.

Dear Rob, 
Thank you so much for last night. Sorry for crying and sorry for being a complete arse.
Like always, when times get rubbish your there.
Thanks buddy, Love you hunners lad =)
Dont know where i'd be without you sometimes.

Dear Alex,
I missed you so much last night, the past 2 months have been shit not talking to you.
I dont know why we fell out, all I know is that Marks been talking crap to you and I didnt say half the things he said I did.
You have changed but so have I. Its all the part of growing up I guess, I just dont like the tension between us.
Dont get why you despise me right enough, maybe you were joking or something who knows.
Maybe see you tonight?


(no subject)

dear you,
i'd be totally lying if i said that i didn't still have silly little girl day dreams about me and you getting together. we were never together but i know you were my first love. and i know i was yours. i know you by now and sometimes i think maybe you feel the same. i haven't talked to you forever. and i honestly think the last year of my life would have been a lot easier if you were still in it. we've helped each other through a lot of tough things. i understand that you've also recently gone through something and i was not there. we should be back in each other's lives. we're still nuts about each other and we will be until we do something about it. and probably after it. i still think we will be maried on day haha. we owe it to ourselves to be with each other. i want you back in my life and i know you want me back in yours. even after losing contact i will always be able to read you like a book. and after all these years i still think about you basically on a daily basis. you never forget your first love. don't just be my first love. be my forever love.
i love you so much still,