February 17th, 2007

(no subject)

Dear You.
Last night was a really big mistake.
A really big drunken mistake.
Why cant we be only friends?
And why did this mistake feel okay?
I really have missed to a bit.
But that one was a once off.
We cant do this to each other again.
Still love ye to pieces right enough.

Dear Friends.
I get that you hate him, but Im over the arguements.
Thats why we ended up going away together.
Thats why I didnt answer your calls.
I was so digusted at the way you two were acting like last night.
Grow up n get over it, if I can you two surely can.
I would never act that way towards your exs.


(no subject)

dear you,
thank you so much. you really do save my life every day. i need you. i wouldn't be able to handle anything if i didn't have you. you help me so much. i love you.

dear you,
you make me smile and i'm really lucky to have you in my life. even though you're an assholeee sometimes. =)