February 4th, 2007

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Dear Rob,
Im sorry I hurt you.
You hurt me.
I wanted to get even,
Dont worry its messed things up for me.
You win.

Dear Ef,
Im sorry.
Im a bitch.
You dont deserve this.
I wish I could make up my mind.

Dear D,
Im sorry I was weird on Friday.
I like you a lot.
Im just confused.
But your gone again so I guess it doesnt matter.

Dear Alex,
Can we be friends again.
I miss you.

Dear me,
Choose one.
And stop messing with their heads.
Your becoming someone you hate.
Deal with it soon.

chocolate bunnies

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nobody cares about your obsession with peyton manning. you are not going to marry him, so shut up. i'm sick of hearing you talk about him every time someone brings up the subject of football. don't turn this game into a girly subject. just shut up.

i won, you lost. in your face.

i wish i could get one.
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Ry:I appreciate all the stuff you do for me by the way, sending me boxes and stuff. not really sure why you're so nice to me when I'm not really all that nice to you

dear Ry,
what am I supposed to say to this. I wish I had thought about it more then the instant reaction i responded with. I do it because i like you and if that isn't so clear to you I don't know how to make it any more clear. i wish you would let me know where you stand or was the above message how you hinted at it. I know your not really all that nice to me. i realize that you have your moments and that at times you may have just used me. but I also know how happy you make me when we sit around and do nothing all day. I wish I could tell you what i thought but I'm too afraid of being completely alone in this world and so I don't say anything. I didn't say anything in december and I haven't said anything yet. Secretly i've given you until february 20th, until I begin to give up hope once again. But with you it's too hard. i don't want to give up but I know for my sanity I can't keep going on without you acknowledging more then just appreciation. I know it's long distance and I know it would be hard but really a 10 minute phonecall every day wouldn't kill either of us. I just wish I knew how to bring all of this up with you. the distance makes it hard and yet when I'm right next to you I'm too afraid of upsetting you and losing you forever. i don't want that to happen. grr. Sometimes I just wish that you would take the lead and make some decisions. I sent you an early valentines package with a card asking you to be my valentine. Grant it was funny but i thought that maybe you would get the hint then. i sent it early so that maybe there would be something in return. I miss you and I just wish that you would miss me in the same way.

wishing I could give this to you,