January 21st, 2007

(no subject)

Dear Ef.

I never knew you liked me in the slightest.
I thought you thought I was annoying and you couldnt be bothered with me.
Then last night you kissed me out of the blue.
You told me you had been wanting to do that since you first seen me.
We sat up til 6 talking and fell asleep hugging.
Then I had some sort of panic attack and I dont know why.
Im sorry.
And I still dont understand why you want to meet up this week.

Dear D.

I still like you.
But your still away and I dont know what to do.
Hope things are still going good with you n the boys but.

Dear stupid ex.

Were over it.
Finally think we can be some kinda of friends.
Hope so, you can be a complete arse but you know I'll always love ye anyways.

Dear Me.

Decide what the hell you want.
Dont mess this up yet again.