January 17th, 2007


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You like me. So very much. And I like that. But I don't know if I like you. This is a new situation for me. And I'm sorry for my bluntness and I'm also sorry for not telling you a lot of things. But you think I'm perfect for you, so I'm mostly sorry that you aren't perfect for me.

And I'm gonna keep this going, because I like the things you say to me. I like the attention. I like having something. All I feel right now is a little attachment. Maybe it'll develop into something more. Even though I know it shouldn't. But for now... I don't mind what is going on. I really hope you don't either.

Just don't ever stop liking me so much, okay?


(no subject)

Dear "friend"

A year ago we were the best friends you could imagine.
You were the closest thing I had to a sister.
But then you met that boyfriend.
The one you choose over me.
I accepted it and moved on and met more friends.
Ones that truely care about me.
Then when he decided he didnt want you anymore I was there for you.
Even though youve ignored me the past 6months or so.
The past week youve called me and ive hung out with you to cheer you up.
Tonight we decided to go out for some girly on the town fun.
Then some guy decides he wants to kiss you and yet again I get blanked.
Were you not like 20mins before wanting to call him?
Its good to know 1 thing about you will never change.
You will always choose some arsehole over me.
Ive been home for a few hours and you havent even noticed.
Get to fuck.
I thought you might have seen that I woulda done anything for you still, even though you dont care about me.
When I said Id be there for you if you needed I was being honest.
You were just talking crap to try n look better I suppose.
I hope that he was worth it cos im done with you.
You knew that I needed a good night to take my mind off things but no.
A kiss with a random was worth more than our so called friendship.


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dear you,
i really wish you'd just tell me because i'm going to be thinking about this for a really long time.
i don't forget anything.
and why did you change your lj password?