January 15th, 2007

(no subject)

Dear Rob.

Today all I could think about was you for some reason.
Then when we talked it brought back why we barely talk.
The things I couldnt get out my mind today was the Robbie I loved a year ago.
The boy that woulda done anything to make me smile.
We talked and your the boy that tries to make me jealous.
The one thats puttin everything in my life down to make his better.
Your selfish.
You know how I feel towards you but you just want one over on me.
But im done with it all.
Have your silly games.


Dear D,

Hurry up and come home already.
I dont wanna wait a month to see you.
This is shit, I just want to see you one more time n see if theres something there.
Talking online n a random txt isnt the same.
Just come back for a few days n hang out with me pleassseeee.
That would be super =)


(no subject)

dear you.

fuck. fuckfuckfuck.

i.. DAMMIT. i cant do this to myself.

love me

dear college year

Im gonna rock you. if i like it or not.

love student

dear future

please work outtttt

love the present