January 8th, 2007


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Dear Corey,
WOW you're in a new relationship. Hope you don't sleep with her best friend...cuz i heard that's impolite and just tacky.

Dear Jesse,
I really like you and I'm glad you asked me out. You are sweet and unlike the rest you take me out and you show me off to your friends like I'm the most beautiful thing you've ever seen. 

Dear Arthur,
You cocky son of a bitch. I would pic Jesse over you anyday...creep.

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dear cherry.

we've been through alot.

like our accidents. even if i caused some. you still forgave me and got me where i needed to go.

youve lended me youre steering wheel for when i needed to cry and kept me warm when i felt nothing else could. You listened when I would scream at how i hated people and how i hate the person i was at that given moment in time.

you helped me to get away from everyones bullshit and drama when i needed you to.

Thank you cherry. I'm really going to miss you. Please dont be sad. You were a good car.

love your driver.

dear reader.

dont judge me. i loved my car and it makes me incredibly sad to see it go. :C

love the writer.