December 18th, 2006

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dear you,
wtf? why are you being so selfish? you're basically choosing smoking over our relationship. that kills me baby. i never thought you would do this. you're hurting me. i need you to stop. how can you not understand that i care about you and don't want you harming yourself? and you say that it doesn't harm you, it makes you feel better. you really need to start thinking about what you say. and smoking is a part of who you are, right? yeah. you really need to think. think about what you're risking. idk if i can take this too much longer. what ever happened to you doing anything for me?
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baseball is love

im the hesitate.

dear nick,
i just keep replaying the other day over and over again, and in my mind the world seemed to just stop when you pulled me behind that staircase.

and when i told you i was sorry you had to find out how i felt from other people, i really meant it.

and what i meant tosay was that i really like you, and i think about you all the time.

and that was days ago, i know.
im always too late.
im always the hesitate.

but i do really really like you.

just so you know,
just so you hear it from me.