November 28th, 2006

Why does it have to be so hard constantly?

After I talked to you and realised that your not you anymore I thought cool I can do this.
I can get over you.

Then Saturday night comes.
I knew you were gonna be at the club.
But I told myself the whole day I wouldnt talk to you unless I needed to.
Then I saw you and you come and talk to me.
I tried to be okay with you. Be mates ye know?
You for some reason kept coming to talk to me.
Buying me and my friends drinks.
Being nice!
You have no idea how crap I felt trying to not fall at your feet.
Even after the club you managed to find me twice and looked so upset.
The next day you called me.
But I managed to keep strong.
I dont get this Rob.
Is it the power you had over me that you liked and now you dont have it you wanna be involved in my life again?
For weeks Ive been trying to get you to talk to me and Saturday you wouldnt leave me alone.
God its killing me just tell me what the hell is going on in your head please.
You owe me that much surely.

Tonight I cant get you out my head.
Tonight all the good times kept flooding back and I did all I could to not cry.
You have no idea how much I miss you.
One day I'll give you this address and you can read it all for yourself.


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dear corey,

get your paper done. you have a coffee pot, and that will fuel you. not to mention the brewing coffee will make your apartment smell better. And dont watch TV while your writing your paper, it will only distract you.