November 25th, 2006

"after all this time?" "always."

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to the same 'you' i've been addressing for a while now,

i don't miss you anymore.

it is an amazing feeling to finally be able to admit that and mean it. i think about you a lot, don't get me wrong, but i don't actually miss you. i don't think i'll ever miss you again and it fills me with this feeling of uncertainty; i feel sorry for not missing you but at the same time i am so glad that i don't. hahahaha. i hope i never have to write about you again. you are behind me now and i will never let you back in my life for as long as i live. goodbye forever! (:


i miss you so much. i really do. i can't figure out why you don't miss me this much, too, i really can't. i hate you for not coming to see me once all year at colorguard. ginger came to all of my parades, all of my football games, to three of my competitions. you came only to my first football game. i don't even know you, anymore. you're my oldest sister, you live less than twenty minutes away. i haven't seen you since my birthday, that was two months ago. i hate you for choosing andy over us. i will never forgive you.

but i will love you.


i hope you get dropped in a pool of acid.
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