November 23rd, 2006

(no subject)

Dear Rob

Tonight I thought that we could maybe talk about whats been going on with you and me and us in the last little while.
I thought maybe we could clear the air and things wouldnt be so damn hard.
Maye I wouldnt be some jealous girl.
But you couldnt even say sorry.
You put the blame on me.
The boy I know and love wouldnt do that.
He would say I done nothing wrong and it was all you even if you done nothing wrong.
You used to be my best friend and make everything okay again.
You used to be my boyfriend that I could say anything to.
You used to be a nice guy.
Not this complete stranger that just doesnt care about anything from your past.

It totally breaks my heart to see whats happened.
I know im losing you again.
This time Ive not got the strength to try and fix it again.
I really do love you so much but I think im actually done.
A year and a half and im done.
After all the arguements and pain and tears its taken this to make me see you for what you are.

Please bring back the boy I cant live without.