November 20th, 2006

baseball is love

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Dear Pageup,
Pageup's your code name. I wonder what you'll think of it if we ever do become something and I ever do get to tell you about the silly things I've done to get you to notice me.

I take the long way to class, and get up early to do my hair. I stay up late trying to figure out what I'll say to you when I see you, and how I can get myself a seat next to you in study.

And I've been trying so hard, and I have moments where I really wonder if you even notice me.

But then you come and sit with me, and we talk, and for once things dont seem awkward, and for once, I seem like me, and you seem like you, and things seem to be like we're us.

I like us when we're together.

I'd like to see if us being together more often is possible.

<3 Capslock. (Thats my code name. Its a call for you to notice me, basically.)
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i hate this feeling.
the feeling when youre surrounded by your friends,
but you feel alone.
i hate it how none of my friends understand me, they all say they do but they dont,
they dont get how it feels to be picked on becuase noone picks on them,
they all have thier bestfriends, and im just there,
its like they arent even my friends, i dont even know why im with them..