November 10th, 2006

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We haven't been friends since the 8th grade because your a fucking bitch, and me JB, NH and LG desided we'd finally stand up to for ourselves. Now ohhh 3 years later or whatever, you have to take everything i fucking want? honestly. both guys i kinda like you have a claim too, well one more then the other. Plus everyone seems to love you when i dont know how they could because your a fucking two-faced bitch. and i love how when we were friends everyone hated you and now that were not everyone loves you. i would love to blow your brains out of your skull but im not willing to go to jail over you. I hate how you get everything, when i get stuck with a lot of bullshit. FUCK THIS FUCK THAT AND FUCK YOU.


(no subject)

Best Friend,
I pretend to like your boyfriend, but in reality, he is a LOSER. You are a skinny, smart, beautiful girl, and can do so much better than a short tubby guy that looks like Tweedle-Dee, okay???
I still love you

He has a reallllllly annoying voice too. Sometimes I want to rip out his vocal chords.