November 8th, 2006


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Dear boy,
I like you and I'm going to tell you so this weekend when I see you again. Maybe a long distance thing would be good for me anyway, distance makes the heart grow fonder and I get clingy, this would give space. I think I want to try something more than just kissing, dating you would be lovely. You're such a sweet heart and I'm feeling young and giddy around you; it's amazing. I wonder how you feel, I'm going to ask you soon.

Loving this feeling,

p.s. your stubble leaves my face all scratchy, and for some reason I like that.
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(no subject)

Dear no one in peticular.
I find it funny. How everyone called me dumb yet.. you turn around and say something else. I just find it kind of funny.
love me

Dear a certain someone
Old times. I want to make old times new again. I shouldnt but theres still apiece of me that does. But i cant, so I wont. Simple as that.
love a certain someone

Dear You
Stop assuming you know who people are in this! you DONT! geez.
love me.

Dear Dean
love vanessa

dear college grades
please dont drop :C
love student